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Interested in teaching Native American works?

I’m happy to hear it! Native Americans are woefully underrepresented in children’s and young adult literature. By requesting books by Native authors for your school libraries, classrooms, community reads, etc. you can help to change the status quo. How exciting is that? How powerful are your roles as literary educators and gatekeepers?! What a time to be alive!

But before you dive in and start developing your curriculum, you might want to take a moment with my Master Post of Helpful Resources for Teaching About Natives. (Even if you aren’t in the market for tips, I highly recommend following this link. Totally worth the extra click.)

Middle Grade (Grades 3-7):

  • The official I Can Make This Promise Discussion Guide is available here.

  • More activity guides and classroom inspiration tips are coming soon! Stay tuned!

Young Adult (Grades 8+):

Interested in school visits?

Wow, same! If you think I’ll be a great fit for your community, reach out and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!